I recreated a piece of history made by the Legend Tupaia. He is a man of mana, a navigator and a high priest from the island of Ra’iatea who died in Indonesia in 1770.

I designed this postcard for my friend Michael who has been struggling and going through a lot. In this postcard I have written everything that describes my friend, it also includes Jesus love and his teachings towards us so that it would make Michael appreciated.

Follow Jesus

What I have created is an advertisement that will help find teachers to spread the word of the Gospel to others so they could become a follower of Jesus. Jesus is a miracle to all beings including animals, he could heal them, help them and change their lives. If you follow Jesus you can also become a miracle to everyone.

EPro8 challenge Pt 3

For  today’s EPro8 challenge we built a bridge that was 2.5 meters long and 700 mm in height. It was much easier  than the last project which we were very proud of. We first started to build the stand’s for the bridge which was Matthew and Ofa while Me and Mani and Jacob were working on the top.  When we were finished we started to put the stand’s up  and then we carefully put the bridge on which was quite of a struggle but we did our best to achieve it.

EPro8 Challenge pt 2


Today’s EPro8 challenge was really hard because we had to make a car that could move on it’s own, at first we were thinking of making a square and four wheel’s on the side and a long pole sticking up for the rubber band due for the car that has to move on its own. At first we thought it would be easy but no, due to the fact that we were  struggling thinking how to work it. Until we got help off some classmates and managed to complete it which we were glad.