Month: October 2022

Abbas Nazzari


As I approached my new school in New Zealand I was completely nervous and worried that I wouldn’t be able to cope with others and make any friends. Every step I took towards my classroom my nervous temper started rising, rising and rising. As I entered my class the sound of kids chattering, blackboard scratching, teacher yelling which was scary. I was worried by reason of seeing other kids having a bad experience such as being bullied, yelled at and being harassed by others, until a lovely lady encouraged me to keep on going. As years have passed I found my favourite activities, reading and rugby. When morning tea starts I go by the library and read books, I also like to read documentaries about animals and the oceans. I’m always excited to go out and watch boys play rugby, the sound of hard bodies hitting the solid ground and watching boys running and passing the ball to each other.

Abbas Nazzari


We suddenly arrived at a spot which appeared to be the seashore. I was curious about what was happening until a boat turned up. People were angry and furious with each other. Babies crying, men and women arguing, until I overheard them say “ how are we supposed to travel on that to Australia with 400 cramped up people.” We all hopped on the old and crusty boat. Then we sailed.Two hours passed. The Palapa, the boat we were on, began to break down making us panic. There was still hope thanks to a man who could speak English. He made a signal with leftover broken wood SOS…  which meant Save Our Souls. We were lucky, a ship named the TAMPA arrived. They were asked to pick us up after a plane saw our signal. They allowed us to climb up to safety. We were glad to be alive and see tomorrow.


Abbas Nazzari


In the middle of the night I felt a palm on my arm. It was my mother, with an anxious look on her face. She said “we have to leave.” Those words made me panic. I could hear my breathing going faster, faster, and faster. I dashed out of my bed and went to pack my clothes. I was worried that the equipment I needed wouldn’t fit in my bag. As I fled outside, a bus appeared in front of my eyes, the smell of gas leaking, the sound of men rushing, and the sound of babies crying. I rushed inside not knowing what was happening but was worried about what my parents were up to.